Nirit Peled

Nirit Peled (Israel, 1973)
With this art, I tell stories.

Nirit is an independent filmmaker and writer based in the Netherlands. She weaves stories across multiple media to examine societal structures, both intimate and institutional. Educated as an artist at the Rietveld Academy and a designer at the Sandberg Institute, she has also worked as a concept developer and script writer for commercial agencies and public broadcasters. Until 2012 she worked closely with Dave Hemminga under the name Mamamess, an audiovisual production company.

Her research-based practice utilises photography, film and text. Drawing on techniques from journalism and documentary, she investigates the social impact of new technologies, structures of legality, systemic abuses of power and the nature of violence. Her methods are informed by an impulsive curiosity and sense of wonder. Attentive to the microcosms embedded in landscapes across space and time, she tells stories that highlight the co-existence of apparently different worlds. Within these juxtapositions, her work imagines shared alternatives.

Interview with Nirit on the VPRO Tegenlicht podcast



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