Rednose Goes Cuba

Steven de Peven and Aardvarck make electronic music. As the DJ collective Rednose Distrikt, they are known for their eclectic DJ sets ranging from broken-beats to cut-up soul, off-side techno to sample-slapstick-jazz. In this short documentary, Steven and Aardvarck go on a musical journey in Cuba. Once they arrive in Havana, they meet many musicians, jam and collaborate to create ideas and make samples for their future work. Their infamously playful approach to music delivers plenty of misunderstandings and a rebellious exchange of ideas as they contrast traditional Cuban music to their electronic sounds and beats.

With Rednose Distrikt. The film features a soundtrack composed from live recordings in Cuba as well as original music. This project was initiated by KC Funkaholic and his Kindred Spirits label.

Nirit Peled, Dave Hemminga
Laura Bonkers, Mamamess
Chief Editor
Wijnand Honig, NPS
Executive Producer
Kees Heus, Kindred Spirits