A Temporary Contact

This mobile documentary tells the story, in real time, of Amanda as she travels by bus from New York City to visit her brother in an upstate prison. It is a personal but shared journey: many mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and children make this trip every week to their loved ones in prison. An experiment in contemporary narrative, this story unfolds as a continuous flow of information presented via WhatsApp. By saving Amanda as a temporary contact on your phone, you can ride with her, gaining a greater appreciation of the limits of commitment and sacrifice. Nominated for the Gouden Kalf Competition NFF 2018.

With Amanda, Diamond, Gina, Latoya and Stephany. A Temporary Contact was developed within the framework of the Veryveryshort Competition — NFB and ARTE co-production in collaboration with IDFADoclab — a collection of 10 interactive projects for smartphones, exploring the theme of mobility through short experiences all under 60 seconds.

Nirit Peled & Sara Kolster
Ilja Willems, Five Mualimm-ak, Ray Simmons, Nirit Peled
Director of Photography
Aafke Beernink
Wietse de Zwart
Sound Mix
Sander den Broeder
Amit Gur, Itai Weissman
Martijn Eerens
Wireless Services
Made Possible Thanks To
IDFA DocLab, Arte France, ONF/ NFB, Creative Industries Fund NL, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)