Money for Free

As the system of global capitalism results in ever more inequality, calls for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) become ever more pressing, as does the need to think through the complex relationship between labour and wages. The public debate around the viability of a UBI has been divisive, not least due to the question of how such a system would be implemented. This film/Backlight episode follows a number of dynamic individuals and collectives who are exploring small-scale methods for implementation, while grappling with complex questions regarding the nature of work, monetary compensation, and how we assign value to social relations. These advocates use a number of unorthodox methods including crowdfunding, raffling basic incomes, and social experimentation with decentralised forms of governance. For these proponents of a basic income, the stability afforded by giving people money for free affords individual and societal upliftment.

With Guy Standing (economist, UK), Matthias Gijsbertsen (alderman for Social Affairs, Groningen), Albert Wenger (venture investor, New York) and Michael Bohmeyer (IT entrepreneur, Germany).

NIrit Peled
Henneke Hagen
VPRO Tegenlicht
Chief Editors
Marije Meerman & Doke Romeijn